Your STAR Awards submission checklist

Entering the SEEK Talent Acquisition Recognition (STAR) Awards in 2022? See this checklist before you submit.
We’ve made this checklist to help you make your STAR Award submission the best it can be. Remember, keep your submission concise and to the point. Be authentic – it’s more than ok to acknowledge the difficulties and roadblocks you faced, especially in the challenging environment of the past year. Remember to take the opportunity to show off – now is the time to highlight your best results and achievements to impress the judges. And, most importantly, use real-life examples!


Have I included these essential elements?
  • Have I answered the questions that are being asked?
  • Is my submission succinct and to the point?
  • Have I included case studies or real-life examples, and demonstrated outcomes with supporting evidence or results?


Have I included results or evidence to help my submission stand out from the rest?
  • Have I clearly linked the submission to the department or organisation’s focus?
  • Have I told a candidate success story or shown testimonials to demonstrate the candidate impact?
  • Have I demonstrated how we are innovative – whether through strategy, process or technology?
  • Am I clear on the greater impact of the work? How does this link back to the intention of the strategies or initiatives?
  • It has been a tough year for many; have you had to pivot and what did you learn?
  • Are you using statistics intentionally? How are they supporting the point you are trying to make?


  • Talk to the appropriate stakeholders and gather all the information first.
  • We know talent and HR teams are busy. Consider booking out some time in your calendar so you can finish your entry without disruptions.
  • Get your marketing team involved. They can give you great advice on how to include the right case studies as well as proof-read your submission.
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute! An early entry means you have plenty of time to check and edit the information before submissions close.
  • Know that the information you give is for the judges’ eyes only – if you need to back up your submission with business sensitive information, you can be assured your submission is strictly confidential.
  • Contact your account manager or check out our additional resources for help.